DHCP Migration?




1 Windows 2000 Domain Controller with DNS (Integrated)and DHCP - SERVER A


1 Windows 2003 Domain Controllers with DNS (Integrated) and main DHCP -


I have DHCP on SERVER A, but would like to have it on SERVER B - do I
migrate the scopes and recreate on SERVER B

Any input or suggestions welcome - thanks.

Jon R. Helms

If you don't care about people keeping their IPs and your scope is less than
50% possible IPs just create a new scope on the other box and let people
acquire new IPs on the new scope. If that isn't an option use the slightly
more complicated method Jimmy Andersson suggested.

Mike Kline

Do you have any other DHCP servers? If you don't then it may be a
good idea to have two DHCP servers, give out 70% of your addresses
from one and 30 from the other. I have seen different numbers some
say 60/40 others say 80/20 but a lot of that is based on your

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