DFS Issue



We had a 'strange DFS glitch' about a week ago and have not been able
to figure out what caused it. Suddenly one day, all users started
mapping across the WAN for their DFS stored home directories and
roaming profiles. When I ran DFSUTIL it showed this, and the quick
fix was to run a DFSUTIL /PKTFLUSH. I found out that now a week
later, there was one server I didn't run the PKTFLUSH on and it was
STILL after a week pointing back to the incorrect DFS replica way
across the WAN. Any ideas why the 1800 second refresh rate wouldn't
have automatically fixed this and why it would suddenly think that
sending users across the WAN for DFS replicas is a good idea?

Harshit Agarwal [MSFT]

Cross-posting to microsoft.public.windows.server.dfs_frs. DFS issues are
more closely monitored in that group. Someone there should be able to help.

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