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David Lausten

Greetings Everyone. Need some Help if you all dont mind.

I have 2 Domain Controlers in 2 different Sites connecting
over a 128bit ISDN Line. both sites are in 1 domain. Both
servers allow workstations at both sites to log on and
connect to file shares and access Email on the domain. I
have setup a DFS Domain Root on server 1 and put DFS Links
to a folder on Server 1 and server 2. I want to replicate
the information that is in the folder on server 1 to
server 2 (Server 2 folder is empty at the moment) I set a
Link to the Main server then set a link to a empty
directory on the remote server and tell it to set up
replication. but it does not seem to replicate the
information. I connect to the share on the remote server
and just get an Empty Directory. Would someone be so kind
to point me in the right direction on how to Properly
setup a DFS share with Replication. Thanks. I do notice
that it does setup the staging folder and files start
showing up in the staging folder but nothing ever showes
up in the Server 2 folder.

David Lausten, IS Manager, MCSE.

Mukul Gupta [MSFT]

What do you mean by

I set a
Link to the Main server then set a link to a empty
directory on the remote server and tell it to set up

- have you created two different links here, one pointing to main server and
another link pointing to empty directory?

You need to create one link with two targets in it - one target as main
server, and another target as empty directory. Then you need to enable
replication on the link. When enabling replication, please carefully choose
the master of replication (your main server).
Please tell us if that solves your problem.

Mukul [MSFT]

PS: Please post DFS related queries in newsgroup
microsoft.public.win2000.file_system. Please use "DFS" in subject to make it
immediately noticeable.

PS: Please find latest dfsutil.exe for Win2003 (updated) at

Disclaimer: This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers
no rights

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