Developing a cross platform 2D game engine framework



Hello C# enthusiasts,

I am looking for 1-2 highly motivated c# programmers for a fun hobby project:

"Scrige" - A SCRIptabe Game Engine

The project involves the development of an efficient cross-platform 2D gameengine framework with c# scripting support, as well as an editor gui application. The engine itself was designed with an entity Component design pattern in mind, where each entity in the game world can optionally have a script component attached that contains a bridge api for script classes writtenin c#.

The basic ideas and concepts are pretty much similar to the "Unity" game engine, where the main focus of "Scrige" will be on developing 2D games.

So why bother?
I'm generally a big fan of the Unity engine framework. In my opinion there is no other framework available which makes it possible to develop a variety of games as rapidly and with ease for various platforms. However, if you ever tried to use Unity to create a 2D Game, you will have noticed that it is very difficult without additional (and sometimes quite expensive) tools.
It also just feels bumpy and cumbersome at times because Unity and its toolset are designed for 3D games after all.

Current engine status:
The basic core of Scrige is already implemented. However some important parts are still missing:

* portable game engine editor
* project managment: storing and loading game scenes and entities
* tile based scrolling
* efficient collision detection
* additional physic effects (rag-doll, etc.)
* particle system
* better sprite animation system
* in game gui framework
* support for input devices other than keyboard: touch devices, gamepad, accelerometer
* design overhaul and cleanups

Where do I want to go:
The project started as a private fun hobby project half a year ago. There will be a free version for the community. However, if the engine framework proofs to be stable and ready for the production of complex 2d games, I wantto include several additional "killer" features and create a commercial pro version. At this point the project itself could be financed by using crowd founding platforms like kickstarter or donations.

What I am looking for:
1-2 dedicated and experienced coders speaking german or english language besides c# of course . I definitely need somebody with experience in creating a platform independant c# engine editor GUI. Please note that the engine framework and its tools must run on win, mac and linux (use GTK# ?!). General knowledge with OOP, design patterns and test driven development are alsoessential as I really need sbd. to discuss the overall engine design and code reviews.

Some basic rules:

1) Fun, fun, fun
That's really the most important thing to me! I want to improve my coding skills, exchange ideas with other enthusiasts and
celebrate team progress!

2) Team
We are a team from the beginning and every member is able to contribute hisor her ideas and critically question the ideas and decisions of the others.. For this reason, team size is limited to 2-3 ppl.

3) Reliable work by well-defined milestones
I myself am fully employed as a developer for years and I also have family obligations I want my precious free-time as stress free and efficient as possible. For that reason I require people who do honest and reliable work. As the project manager I will define milestones and organize regular meetings to discuss the project progress. We will also need tools (Skype, SVN, Traq) to work online as I live in southern germany

I would be very happy if there are some ppl. out there wo are interested inimproving and creating new featues for Scrige, so it becomes a kick-ass 2Dengine framework for indie developers in the future!

For details please contact me (this email is available for one month only):

(e-mail address removed)



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