developer question on filder cleanup



This is sort of a developer question. I am cleaning up a project by
searching for "obj" in windows explorer search window. It shows many obj
folders. I can delete them one at a time in the search results but if I
select more than one I get "Cannot delete file: Cannot read from the
source file or disk". I can delete any of them singly but not more than
one at time. I don't see this on all systems. What could be wrong?





This is a bit of a guess however perhaps when searching for 'obj' you are
actually finding the obj folders as well as .obj files that exist somewhere
within the directory structure falling within or beneath the obj folders you
are also getting returned by the search. If this were the case, you could
potentially have conflicts when trying to remove both of the in one delete
operation if windows explorer attempts to hold the file lock for the length
of the operation. As I said, I'm just guessing however you might try to limit
your search to return only the top-level directories that have the name 'obj'.

Hope this helps.



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