Develop Software or Systems? Receive Guaranteed $10 or have $10Donated to FIRST; Chance to Win an iP

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VDC is conducting its annual survey of embedded engineers, and if you
are involved in the engineering of mobile or embedded systems/
software, this is your chance to influence key embedded solution
suppliers. The research covers embedded software, hardware, tools, and
development practices.

In appreciation of your participation -

The first 500 respondents who complete the survey will receive:
-Choice of a $10 gift certificate or elect to make a $10
donation to FIRST (a charitable organization helping to promote the
sciences to the next generation of engineers and developers).

All respondents (including the first 500) who complete the survey will
-Entry into the grand prize drawing for an Apple iPad 2;
-Immediate access to a summary of VDC's 2010 Embedded Engineering
Survey results at the end of the survey; and
-A summary of the 2011 Embedded Engineering Survey findings once the
survey is complete later this year.

To begin the survey, go to:

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Best Regards,

The VDC Embedded Software and Tools Research Team

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