Determine RAS device Com port


Mark Smith

Hello Group,

I am using the RASAPI to dial-to the internet using a GPRS modem using

Is it possible before dialling to retreive information about the COM
port that the modem is connected for the RAS entry in the phone book.

What I mean is I have two entires, Entry A and Entry B using devices
on COM 1 and COM 2 respectively.

Can I get information back from the RAS phone book entry about what
COM port my Entry A and Entry B are connected to? When I use the
Windows RAS Dialer I can see which modem the entry is going to use.



Manjari Bonam [MSFT]

Before dialing one can use RasSetEntryProperties to set the DeviceName &
Type. RasEntry->szDeviceName

Mapping between the device name and port name Should be known before.

After dialing u can verify which entry is using what port by using
RasGetEntryProperties and verifying the RasEntry -> szDeviceName. Here also
mapping between device name and port should be known before (Anyway this is
static once you configure the devices properly)

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