Desktop toolbar stops working


Paul Crowley

I got used to navigating to folders with the "Desktop" toolbar in the
taskbar. Like Quick Launch for folders. Triple-clicking on a folder
displayed there then opens an Explorer window.

With Vista this works right after logging in but usually within an hour or
so it stops. Clicking on the chevrons opens a list of items but clicking on
one of them closes the display. When this has happened Quick Launch stops
working as well - clicking on anything there is just ignored. This also
affects some Start button items - to log off it is necessary to use the
keyboard to select Log off because clicking on it is ignored.

There is no error message or anythng else that seems to trigger it. I
haven't seen any descriptions of this but I was hoping SP1 would fix it. It
didn't. This is Vista Ultimate 32-bit on a Quad core processor.




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