design buttons in email body



Hi All,

I have designed an Excel Form that users use to input data. I am trying to
connect the form to Access Database. Once users fill in the form, It will
populate in Access Database.

What I want is: Is is possible to design buttons in Email body for eg:
"Accept" and "Decline" buttons.
I want to process to be such that, Once the users fill in the Excel user
form and Click submit( A button on excel form), The inputs would come to me
via Outlook email( data displayed in email body). Once I see the user inputs,
I want to accept it or decline it (Hence Accept and decline buttons). Once I
accept it(Click accept button in outlook) it will populate the access data
base. If I decline ( it will populate another excel sheet where declined
forms are stored)

I hope I made it clear.

Thanks in Advance



Sue Mosher [MVP]

No, buttons in the email body are not possible, but you can use a custom
form voting buttons and put code in the Item_CustomAction event handler of
your published custom form.

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