description of count in subtotal



Is there a simple way to get the word 'Count' not to display on the subtotal
line? Example I have a sheet subtotaling Part Numbers. Three columns:
Quantity, Part, Part Description. I have Subtotal set at each change in
Part, Use function 'Count', Add subtotal to 'Quantity', Replace current
subtotals, Summary below data.
It appears to arrive at correct quantity count for each part and places
below total count of part under the 'Quantity' column and under the 'Part'
column to the right displays the part number and the word 'Count' in bold.
How can I just arrive at a list of part numbers with their totals without the
word 'Count'? Since the part numbers are not all the same size/length it
doesn't look very neat. Thanks for any tips.



Shane Devenshire


Select the column with the "Count" words and press Ctrl+H enter Count
(space followed by the word Count) in the Find What box and enter nothing in
the Replace with and click Replace all.

You could also apply conditional formatting to the column to hide all text
that contains "Count" in it.

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