Deployment of a WebService project with libraries


Andre Boeder


I want to deploy a WebService to our local development server. The
webservice deployment is no problem, but how do I deploy the two class
libraries in my Solution to the test server ?

I guess I have to compile the DLLs, copy them to the test server and
regsvr32 - is this correct ?

I currently have a reference to the projects in my webservice project
- not to the dll or something.

Thanks very much,



John Wadie

What I understand is that you have a web service that references two .net
assemblies. You can either add a setup project to take care of the
deployment for you, or manually copy the web service files to the new
server, and add the two assemblies to the bin folder of the webservice.
There's no need to register the assemblies with regsvr32, this is only
required for COM DLLs, and will fail if you try it on a managed assembly.

John Wadie

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