Deploy a sysprep'ed image so that "Found New Hardware" wi




I work at a University and help look after creating and deploying images in
student ICT labs. We have windows XP installed on roughly 600 machines. This
particular problem applies to about 90 of those machines for which a unique
ICT image has been created with norton ghost.

As a part of an introductory programming course, the students use a lego
tower usb device (robolab 2.9).
Whenever a student plug's the device in, a "Found New Hardware" wizard
appears and they must locate and install the device base on the lectures
instructions. Because deepfreeze is installed, this must be done each time a
student logs into the machine. My question is how can this be avoided?

I have tried long-winded solutions, like creating a before and after
snapshot with symantec ai, and creating an .exe package to deploy the
differences, which is executed by a vb script as part of sysprep. This
didn't work, I'm guessing because of some unique identifier each machine uses
to reference usb devices.

The relevant drivers are pointed to in the sysprep.inf emPnPDriversPath and
the robolab software is actually installed on the image, however, after it is
syspreped and deployed, my old friend the "Found New Hardware" wizard appears.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you require additional
information, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,





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