Dell Inspiron E1505 Sigmatel Audio. Cannot record from line in




Can anyone tell me why I cannot record "What I hear" on my new Dell
Inspiron e1505 running WinXP. It has the SigmaTel audio driver, which
has few options. I have never come across a PC that cannot record the
sound being played. I am using DivX player to play the .avi file, and
GoldWave to record the sound.

I have no trouble recording the sound on my desktop PC, using the
same file and software so I feel confident that the problem is with the
Dell E1505.

I have upgraded the audio drivers, and have tried some of the
suggestions I have found in these newsgroups. I have run the Dell
Diagnostic tests with no erros, and ran the audio tests separately. It
only tests being able to record from external mic??? It seems that Dell
has built this POS to not be able to record internally the sound being
sent to the speakers. Is this possible?

Dell support has been useless so far............

Thanks for your help.


Why record the sound being played by a recorder,in WMP you'd simply
click file,then in the drop down menu,save as,save to desired location.If
trying to record from the sound hardware on the pc, the speaker by the
clock,volume control,properties,select record from playback,then in the
menu chk the box for line-in or microphone.Also,you'd have better luck
to WM encoder 9 series.

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