Deletion Of Cells



Say i had a cell (E.g K1) that has a forumla within it which gives a number
as an answer.

i also have a number of records in the same worksheet e.g. A1:C10.

Is there any way i can make specific cells be deleted when cell K1 has a
certain number within (A result from the forumla it contains).

e.g. Everyday, the number within cell K1 decreases by 1. When the number
within K1 reaches 0, delete cell A1 & C1 (Keep B1) & then move all cells
underneath A1 & C1 up one row (B column is not affected in any way). This
will make A2 & C2 replace A1 & C2. A3 & C3 will replace A2 & C2 & so on

If this could be done without the use of VB, i would be most grateful

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