Deleting imaged from the Windows picture and fax viewer



How do you delete past images from the picture and fax
viewer? I have cleared history, temporary files, cookies,
etc...but cannot seem to get rid of past images that the
program has viewed.
Where I notic it most is when I view an image off an email
attachement. If I scroll past the current image, I find
the previous images I had viewed. This is not the case if
I view an image I had saved to the desktop or other known
I think it has to do with a temporary OLE. I have seen
that reference in other areas associated with
attachements, but I cannot find its location on the
computer to delete it.
Any thoughts?
Thank you.



Yves Alarie

They are probably in the subfolder OLK9 under your Temporary Internet file
folder. Not easy to navigate there. Easiest way is:
Click on Start, click on Search and use the advanced options to search
system files, hidden files and subfolders.
Type OLK9 in the search box (the first character is the letter O, not the
number 0).
This should return the OLK9 folder. Double click on it to open it. See if
these are the files you want to delete. If so, select them and delete them
from here but down delete the folder, only the files in it.. They will go to
the Recycle bin. Delete them from there also.

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