Deleting contents of field in Forms created in Word




How can a user delete the contents from a group of selected fields when the
Forms are in 'Protected' mode? Currentyl, we need to select one field at a
time to delete the contents which is time consuming and slows down the
process. Can you suggest ways to expedite this.

Secondly, how can we enable highlighting the contents of the field by
changing the font, color, size, (bold/italic/underline) when teh forms are
in 'protected' mode?



Stefan Blom

Both of those operations require that you first unprotect the form.

To clear the contents of certain fields, you would unprotect the form and
update the fields.

And to format field contents, unprotect the form and apply the desired
formatting to the field itself.


Hi! Stefan,

Thanks for your quick response. I understand that this can be done when the
form is unprotected. But how can I suggest to teh clietn who is the user of
this form to
unprotect. Hence, I need a solution to be provided if any formatting changes
to the fields can be done in protected form.
Is it possible by making some changes in Formatting Restrictions which
appears in the Protect Document list when we select Tools - Protect Document.

Please advise.

Kind Regards
Binaz Panthaki



Jay Freedman

Also, if you create the form as a template instead of a document, and create
a new document based on the template for each use of the form, the fields
will all be empty automatically. This is the way Word is intended to work.

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
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