deleted items appear on the user's desktop



I have a user running Outlook 97 on an XP machine to
connect to an Exchange server. Just about every day for
the last week she says that when she deletes all of the
emails from her Deleted folder then closes her programs
before leaving for the day, all of the emails that she
just deleted will appear on her desktop. She says that
she's deleting them from the Deleted folder by selecting
the first one, choosing Select All from the Edit menu,
then using the Delete key. I can't reproduce the problem
myself, and she hasn't been able to reproduce it while I'm

Any suggestions?

Lanwench [MVP - Exchange]

1. This sounds bizarre
2. Why doesn't she just right-click on the deleted items folder & select
3. OL97 is old old old stuff - was buggy at release, too - that's why there
was a free upgrade to OL98 for a long time. If possible, get everyone on
Office/Outlook 2003 and your life will be much easier....

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