Deleted e-mails are not deleted.



I run a small network with mixed users of Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007
Until recently each user on the network stored mail in its own local PS
file however mail was controlled via our e-mail server (Softalk Mai
Server) which collected mail for each users account from our ISP. Eac
users Outlook then queried the mail server to bring in e-mail it ha

In order to create a centralised mail store I have installed an
configured another of Softalk products (Softalk Share Server) whic
provides a collaboration and centralised mail store alternative t

Since using this centralised mail store a problem has occurred which
thought must be an issue with the Softalk Share Server software
however when googling the problem it seems that many people have th
same issue when a centralised mail store is used, such as Exchange o
similar but I cannot find a resolution.

Now, when an e-mail arrives in a users inbox, if it is deleted befor
it is read (ie it has been viewed in the preview pane, deemed a
rubbish, but the e-mail has not been opened) then a second after it i
deleted it reappears back in the inbox. There are only two ways i
which the users can remove the e-mail (again) as selecting th
re-appeared e-mail and pressing delete again does not work, a messag
box comes up saying something like "the selected object could not b
located" If however the user shift-deletes the re-appeared e-mail the
they will be asked if they want to permanently delete the e-mail, the
say yes and the mail does delete for a second time. The other way o
making the re-appeared e-mail disappear is to select another folde
within the outlook folders such as deleted items or sent items or an
other folder and then return to the inbox, then the reappeared e-mai
has gone. This to me seems to be some sort of Outlook refresh issu
which I cannot get to the bottom of. Softalk are stumped and do no
know why it is happening and as I say, when I google this problem ther
are many people having exactly the same issue who do not use Softalk bu
another centralised mail store such as exchange or something else.
would be grateful if anyone here can shed some light on why this migh
be happening and any potential solutions. Thank you


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