delete sample data in a template



I think this relates to the northwind question, but I am unsure. I
downloaded a business account ledger that almost meets my needs, and I have
made the changes needed to fit my company. However, there is a balance and
entries (supposedly used as examples) and I am unable to completely get them
out of the template, nor can I find a place to post a beginning balance. Can
you explain the difference between a template and what the "Northwind" was
referred to? I feel unprepared to reinvent the wheel by using what I've
downloaded as a model and re-create it myself, especially since I don't see
where one would input a beginning balance. I used Access when it first came
out many many moons ago LOL but it's been too long. Any help would be




Al Campagna

and I am unable to completely get them out of the template.
What do you mean by "couldn't completely get them out?" Did you try to
the sample data from the tables manually? If so, describe what
happened/didn't happen...

Northwind is the name of a "sample" database that ships with each
version of Access.
A Template is just another way of saying a database application.
Usually, it refers to
a "bare bones" .mdb application that the user can rework or redesign, to
suit their needs.
nor can I find a place to post a beginning balance.
There may not be a "Beginning Balance" per se. The system consists
of a table of Debit and Credit records that, when added together, deliver
the current
balance. Like a checkbook, there would be an initial Credit in the form of
a deposit.
That deposit could represent a beginning balance, or just the first deposit
in an empty
Al Campagna
Microsoft Access MVP

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Unless I'm misunderstanding you should be able to clear out the data if you
open a blank database, import all of the tables, forms, queries, etc. but
make sure that under the "Options" tab you click "definitions only" and not
the default of "definitions and data". This should bring over everything but
the data. You would then need to add everything to populate it again
including a beginning balance on your accounts

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