delayed startup



Probably a simle question, but is bugging me. Few weeks ago watched a dvd on
my XP system, ever since then, even though removed dvd program that came
with dvd, when start computer there is long delay and then i get message
"secondary hard drive 0 not found, secondary hard drive 1 not found" am able
to continue by hitting F1 and then things are normal. How can i stop machine
from looking for secondary hard drives? Thanks in advance. Please send
answer to
(e-mail address removed)



Michael Solomon \(MS-MVP\)

These are peer to peer newsgroups, questions and answers are posted for the
benefit of all, no personal responses. Besides, it is dangerous to send
personal responses as users have no way of knowing whether or not you are
legit or a spammer phishing for live e-mail addresses.

That said, this is a hardware configuration issue, you need to be sure the
new drive is properly connected and jumpered and configured.

You might want to try this question on the windowsxp.hardware newsgroup.

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