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I have Microsoft windows defender installed.
In Vista's Reliability and Performance Monitor, I continually get this
message:"The security center has not recorded an anti-spyware product."
on control panel->security, defender is recognized!
the defender update/work fine...
how do i get rid of the above "error" in In Vista's Reliability and
Performance Monitor?
Thanks in advance.
ps-i do not use any AV
-->in the 2 below forums, i did not get an anser<--

Bill Sanderson

FWIW, I see the same thing on Windows 7 with Microsoft Security Essentials.

As I think about it now, the probable cause is that the version of MSE that
I am running is not publicly distributed--so perhaps there is a checksum
comparison of the product involved, in addition to whatever communication
there is with the security center.

I your case, you presumably are running the Windows Defender which comes
with Vista.

Was this machine an upgrade from XP?

The only "fix" I know of for Defender issues on Vista is to run sfc /scannow
at an elevated command prompt. That may be worth trying for your issue.

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