Defender does not find viruses identified by OneCare scan


Phil Freihofner

I recently found that my keyboard was "dropping" characters while I was
playing a word game on a favorite website, and the TaskManager was showing
IE8 (Windows XP system) activity in the vicinity of 40-50% rather than the
normal 3% for this site. No other noticeable symptoms on any other sites.

So, I did a Microsoft OneCare scan, which identified three problems:


All were associated with a file in my \Local Settings\Temp directory, namely

I don't know if these were the specific cause of the first problem, but my
question NOW involves difficulties in getting rid of these problem sources.
The OneCare scan was unable to get rid of these problems.

So, I downloaded WindowsDefender and the latest definitions, and ran both a
full scan, and a scan of just the above Temp directory, but the above three
items were not found, which kind of took me by surprise.

Any suggestions as to why WindowsDefender is not finding these problems?
Anything I should do differently? Am I misunderstanding something?

I've been resistant to buying a Symantec or Norton product because both are
incredibly annoying with their popups and update messages. Is there a more
polite anti-virus product one can recommend that would do the job?

Also, is there any reason I can't just delete the jar_cache... file from
the above TEMP directory? The TEMP designation makes it seem like these
should not be crucial for anything, but this directory is not to be confused
with the temporary internet file cache, and the Windows Disk Cleanup utility
does not touch files in this directory.

Many thanks for your help and advice,
Phil Freihofner


In Safe Mode, Try to remove it with Revo Uninstaller, then run CCleaner's
registry cleaner.


Also, try in Tools -> Optimization -. Junk Files Cleaner – Scan - Delete
Also, Tools -> Tracks Cleaner, for
Browser Cleaner
Microsoft Office Cleaner
Windows Cleaner
Evidence Remover
Unrecoverable Remover

Note, uncheck Yahoos Toolbar

Download the basic version via
The basic version does not contain the disgusted Toolbar


Bill Sanderson

Try OneCare in safe mode to see if it can do the job there.

If that fails, you may want to consider replacing OneCare with Microsoft
Security Essentials, which is free, but which does not have the additional
features beyond antivirus and anti-spyware that OneCare has.

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