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I have a query that calculates the total of a field in my table - Field Name
in my Table is Total Value which calculates the total for a series of records
that has the same invoice number. Field in in my query is Aggregate Value.
I now have a form where I bring in the Aggregate Value. I need to create
another Text box Value Verified where I bring in the Aggregate Value as a
default, but I may have to change it if the Value has changed - but the
Aggregate Value has to remain the same.

I tried using default value on the form for the Value Verified Text control
that brings in the Aggregate Value but it does not work -

does anyone have a suggestion?



Al Campagna

As a general rule, don't save the value of a calculation in a table.
Re-Calculate the value "on the fly" whenever it is needed in any
subsequent form,
query, or report.
For example: Price * Qty = LineTotal
Line Total would not be saved in a table, only Price and Qty. Wherever
Line Total is needed, just recalculate Price * Qty... to get it

The same would hold true for a value derived from adding the value on
several records...
That's the problem with "saving" a calculation. If any of the elements
change, the "saved" value must also be changed. So... just use an unbound
calculated field, calculate on the fly, and avoid that problem.
Al Campagna
Microsoft Access MVP 2007-2009

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