Default Value =Date$() in UK Date Format



I have a form with a date field and want to populate it with the current date
using the =Date$() in the default value field. Unfortunately this uses the US
date format (mmddyy) and I need it to be in the UK format (ddmmyy). Regional
settings are set to UK on the PC.

Can anyone please advise me how to acheive this as I can't find any
reference to it anywhere on the web!

Jeanette Cunningham

I have a similar with a client's notebook computer.
In this case we want it to be Australian dd/mm/yyyy format, but it stays in
American format.
Other programs on this computer have the same problem with dates.
My IT person says he can fix it. I am trying to talk client into getting it
fixed, but she thinks it is OK, the staff will just have to get used to
american dates.

Jeanette Cunningham MS Access MVP -- Melbourne Victoria Australia


As stated above the regional settings on the PC are set to UK format, that's
the strange thing.


Hi Jon,

You're right, I didn't notice that and it did resolve the issue - many thanks!


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