Default printers with mandatory profiles?


Ian Cowley

Hi all,

Our setup is: NT4 domain server with win2000 and winxp client workstations.
Most users have a computer at their desk, and normal users do not have
mandatory profiles. Default printers work fine (in that users can set
defaults and they get saved).

We also have a communal room of PCs. Because we had problems with people
wandering off to lunch and leaving their PC locked, everyone now logs on as
the 'planner' user so that anyone can unlock the PCs. Then, because
planner's profile was getting huge when people left stuff on the desktop, we
implemented a mandatory profile by changing ntuser.dat to on the
Now, we can;t seem to set default printers in the communal room - all the
computers seem to have different printers, but we want the default to be the
printer that's in the communal room.

Are default printers a computer or user setting? Should having a mandatory
profile matter? Is there some way of setting the default printer as a
(non-mandatory profile) administrator?

Many thanks for any advice.

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