Default Mail Client Problem, Prohibiting Fax Software


IT Guy


I use a 3rd party Fax program to do electronic faxes
through MS Outlook 2000 (SP3). A user opened Outlook
Express and accidently set it as the default mail client.
I now cannot set Outlook 2000 as the default mail client.
It must be the default client in order for the fax
software to work properly. Does anyone know how I can get
Outlook 2000 back to the default mail client?

Note: I have uninstalled and reinstalled Outlook and still
cannont fix the problem. I have tried setting the default
client under "Set Program Access and Defaults" under the
Start menu and it still will not default. Any help is
greatly appreciated.

IT Guy



Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

Control Panel > Internet Options > Programs


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