default fill color



is there a way to change teh default fill color for highlighting from the
default yellow to say teh light gray color so when they come in they are
easily able to highlight?


If you are referring to the highlight icon for text editing, click the arrow
on the right side of the icon and it shows you a palette of colors to choose
from. Other than that, the fill colors for cells and charts are determined
by the user based on the standard 56 color palette or a variety of RGB
combination or some xlconstants.


Thank you - Is there a way/function formula/statemnet i can creat that when
they go to a specific field and press altH or something it would fill that
cell in as grey?

Peter T

Difficult but doable with API's providing the dropdown palette is visible
while running the code. Realistically not worth the trouble.

Select a cell
Record a macro while applying your colour from the palette.
Test your macro.
Suggest put your macro in your Personal.xls
customize toolbars, put a button on a bar and assign to your macro.

Peter T

Dave Peterson

This was posted by Debra Dalgleish:

This should set the default colour for any new books:

1. Create a new, blank workbook.
2. Choose Tools>Options
3. On the Colour tab, click on the yellow square
4. Click Modify, select a colour as the default, click OK
5. To make yellow available, select the square that has the same colour
as the new default, and change it to yellow
6. Click OK.
7. Choose File>Save As
8. Save as Type: Template
9. FileName: Book
10. Location -- save the file in your XLSTART folder
11. Click Save

You can do the same thing in any existing workbook, too (steps 1-6, that is).
But each workbook has its own color scheme. You have to do this in each
workbook that you want.

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