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I want all my stored documents in a folder on physical
drive D. Is there an easy way to do this, or should I
edit the registry to change every occurance
of "C:\Documents and Settings......." to "D:\Documents
and Settings...." Is there any adverse effect on Windows
to doing this?

Thanks in advance reply



John Savill

You can make this change using TweakUI or by directly
editing the registry (you are changing the My Documents

Q. How can I move the My Documents and My Pictures

A. You can change where the My Documents and My Pictures
shortcuts point to by performing the following steps:

Start regedit.exe.
Go to
n\Explorer\User Shell Folders.
Double-click Personal (for My Documents) and change the
Double-click My Pictures and change the value.
Close regedit.
Log off and restart the machine for the change to take

You can also redirect these folders using a Group Policy
Object (GPO)--look under User Configuration, Windows
Settings, Folder Redirection. Right-click a folder, and
select its redirection.

Another method to move the My Documents is as follows:

On the Desktop right click the The My Documents Folder
Select Properties
Click Move, and select your new location

Everything is moved automatically, including the My
Picture Reference.


John Savill

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