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Is it possible to open a csv-file with a number of columns that are
separated be a certain separator in Excel, so that Excel puts the text in
the right columns automatically by looking at the separator. I want Excel to
do this without using the wizard 'Text to Columns'. This works fine for me
when I use the semicolon as separator. I presume this is the default
separator. But how can I change this separator to for example a comma, so
that Excel can also open my comma-separated files in a correct way

I've already tried to change the 'List Separator'-setting in the 'Regional
Settings' to a comma, but this doesn't work. Does anyone know the answer







Is the file extension for your file .csv as Excel should automatically open
this using the commas as the separators.

If you have files that do not use commas as separators, suggest you have
these as .txt files - when you open from Excel (Files-Open-Files of Type -
select Text files from pull down list) the Text Import Wizard should start up
- you can then select characters each time you open.

BUT if you want to permanently use a different separator then the only
solution I know is the one you've already tried by changing List Separator in
Regional Settings - the only reason I can think of that this does not
automatically work for you is because your source filename is not
filename.csv as above...


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