Decimals errors in reports



I have created an access report with averages pulled from a query. Th
many active boxes displaying averages with decimals out to umptee
digits. In the report, I have formatted the field propertie
(“Properties, Decimal”) to 2 digits for all fields, but some, not all
of the fields won't truncate the decimal to two digits. Others do. I
it were a consistent problem, I wouldn’t be surprised, but this i
driving me nuts. My reports look messy with some of the field
truncated to two decimals, other string on forever.

PS: I looked at the raw data, all contain decimals out to at least





If for some reason your underlying query returns the values as strings
rather than numbers, this could occur (the most common reason that could
occur is if you have a calc for that field that says something like IF,
value is good then return the number, Else return Null; where you should
return a 0 rather than a null. That type of IIF statement will cause the
field to output numbers as strings.)

You want nulls rather than zeros, then you might try doing this:

=IIF(Not Is Null(MyField), CCur(MyField)) as the control source for the
report's control where the data is displayed.

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