Debug Web service


Harry Simpson


I've used a web service for years with my device app and recently recreated
it in VS2005 - it works cept for one method that i'd like to debug but I'm
grabbing a dataset from the local SDF database on the device and using a web
method call to pass the dataset......i need to debug this as in running the
device (activesync debug session) and i'd like to be able to step from the
device code into the web service project code during debug.

I know I've done something like this years ago but can remember whether I
needed to have a web test app project inside the same solution as the web
service project or whether I could just add the Smart device project and set
it as the start project with breakpoints in both the Webservice and the
smartdevice projects......





You need to set the compilation\debug attribute to false in the Web Services
web.config file - you might need to reload inetinfo.exe if you have changed
this value. Then set a breakpoint in the web method and away you go.

You can run both web project and the device project and debug both in the
same solution at the same time.


Sorry it's been a long day, I meant the debug attribute should be set to true
not false ;)


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