DCPROMO Crashes during DC demotion


Charles A.

I'm trying to run DCPROMO to demote the first domain
controller in my domain to upgrade the hardware. When I
run DCPROMO I get an error "Directory Service failed to
replicate off changes made locally. Logon Failure: The
target account name is incorrect."
I've tried running DCPROMO /forceremoval, and get an
Event ID 26, with "The exception 0xC0000005 occurred in
the application LSASS at location 0x780104AC." and the
server restarts after a dirty shutdown.
This server is not recognized as a domain controller by
any of the other domain controllers since I first tried
the forced removal. It will no longer sync with any
other. I've moved the Schema Master, RID Master, FSMO,
and all other functions to another domain controller
using Ntdsutil.
My question is: Am I safe to just shut down this server,
and try to bring another back with the same name? I need
to stay with that name to preserve shared folders and
printers. The server is causing a lot of confusion on my
domain, because it is still accepting logins and password
changes, but not synchronizing.
Any help would be appreciated.

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