DAYS360 where Start Date is Static and End Date is Latter of Two Dates


Aimee Shaw


I've spent over two hours trying to figure out how to get this done right.

Column C is the Purchase Order Release Date
Column D is the Goods Receipt Post Date
Column E is the Invoice Receipt Post Date

Column C will always be the start date when using DAYS360, however, since the Goods Receipt Date sometimes preceeds the Invoice Receipt Date (and vice versa), I need DAYS360 (or an equivalent function) to calculate the number of days from Column C Row 1 to the *LATTER* of the dates found in COLUMN D Row 1 and COLUMN E Row 1.

Any assistance would be sooo appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help!

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Output Parameters with Stored Proc ADO.NET



Fred Smith

Forget Days360. Just subtract dates to get the number of days difference.

Try this:
Format as number

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