Day of week Fill down column not working



I've found many posts on this forum that are related where the
reccommendation is to use the =text(A1,"dddd") to convert a date to the day
of week.

However, nobody seems to mention the problem I'm seeing when auto filling
the formula down a column to convert a bunch of days. Instead of converting
the entire column A to day of week in column B ... it returns the same day of
the week for every date.

I even did a screencast to illustrate what's happening. Am I doing something
wrong here??



Dave Peterson

Make sure that you have calculation set for automatic.

Tools|Options|calculation tab in xl2003 menus.

Somewhere under the Excel Options in xl2007.

Fred Smith

Do you have recalculation set to automatic? If not, that could be your
Are you filling down both columns A and B? You have to fill down column A so
that column B refers to something.

Finally, while =text(...) is often suggested, if you don't need two columns
worth of data, don't bother with this solution. Simply format column A as
"dddd". This will display the day of the week for you, and fill down without
any problems.


T. Valko

You sound like the same person that made the Excelopedia videos.

Set calculation to automatic.

In Excel 2007 that can be done in 2 different places:

Formulas tab>Calculation>Calculation Options>Automatic

Office button>Excel Options>Formulas>Calculation Options>Automatic>OK




Thank you all for the feedback here. It was the "automatic" setting that
fixed it.

Also, know I'm not the excelopedia guy. I just love screencasts because they
make it so easy to illustrate a point without tons of text.

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