dates inbetween



I have data in the following columns:
a b c d e f

trans date name unit start end duration
01/06/09 John Smith g1 1/10/09 10/10/09 10
01/07/09 John Smith c1 1/10/09 8/10/09 8
15/09/09 John Smith r2 1/10/09 15/10/09 15
01/04/09 Mary Jane c4 1/11/09 20/11/09 20
21/05/09 Mary Jane g4 1/11/09 22/11/09 22
01/10/09 Fred Mac r2 1/12/09 02/12/09 2
01/10/09 John Smith g1 1/12/09 5/12/09 5
01/11/09 John Smith r2 1/12/09 5/12/09 5

I wish to create a gantt view of the bookings with a single row for each
unit (column c) showing the start, end and dates inbetween formatted the same
as a gantt chart.

I can get the start and end dates working but I am stuck on the inbetween
dates. eg: a booking starting 1/12/09 ends on 5/12/09 but includes the dates
2/12, 3/12 & 4/12.

Can you help.




if you can add a column...try this
=NETWORKDAYS(first date,last date,0)+K12

where 0 is the holidays
and K12 is additional days (in your example it would be 3) where 3 could be
a countA, or countif from another cell...this returned a 7 for me.

Please click yes if this helped.


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