DateDiff excluding weekends

Jul 6, 2005
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I needed to be able to take one date away from another and get Days, Hours, Mins and Seconds but ignoring weekends and non working hours.

i.e. We work 9-5 Mon-Fri so if something was logged at 16:45 on Friday and then 'completed' 9:15 the following Monday the routine calculates that the time was 30 working minutes. It works fine.

One thing occured to me after though.

Can the proper DateDiff function be utilised to get the difference between 2 dates and always omit Weekends (i..e is there some system parameter that you can define a working week days wise at least?)

It will be probably be a bridge too far to expect this function to additionally recognise the hours in a working Day as my routine does but can anybody tell me if the DateDiff function can at least take account of days in a working WEEK?

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