Date to nothing



Seeing another post, I noticed that you can format dates from cells:


strDate = Format(Cells(selection, "A"), "dd/mm/yyyy")

That sounds idea for what I need. However, I guess I need to set the
variable strDate to a Date.


Dim strDate as Date

That is great. But what I need to do is also have a condition that sets
the strDate variable to nothing if a condition is true


If strCondition = "1" then

strDate = Format(Cells(selection, "A"), "dd/mm/yyyy")


strDate = ""

End if

When I tried this, it said Type Mismatch. Obviously I need to wipe the
old date out from the variable stDate everytime I loop through. Is
there a way to set a date to nothing?

Any help is appreciated.



Bob Phillips


The problem is that you are using Selection , which is a range, as a row
number, which is a number. Change

strDate = Format(Cells(selection, "A"), "dd/mm/yyyy")


strDate = Format(Cells(Selection.Row, "A"), "dd/mm/yyyy")



Bob Phillips
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George Nicholson

You need to decide what you want strDate to be. A text string or a Date. A
Date dataType is a number that can be displayed in a Date format.

"Dim strDate as Date" and "strDate = Format(yada yada)" won't work together.
nor will "Dim strDate as Date" and "strDate = ''".
Both are trying to assign a text string (the Format function returns a text
string) to a variable that you have specifically declared to be a number. A
classic case of TypeMismatch.

Change "Dim strDate as Date" to "Dim strDate as String" and the code you
posted will stop generating a TypeMismatch.

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