Date/time stamp


Boris Aronovich

Hi, there!!

I've discovered that a lot of digital photography users
need the folowing very simple feature:

Ability to save pictures with date/time stamp on the
pictures like watersign, like in old cameras. There are a
couple of softwares that allow to do it with
difficulties, while we need a possibility to have the
date stamp on pictures with a simple "v" for all pictures
again like in old cameras (automatically fetch the
original date from EXIF and store it on pictures).
Thanks, if somebody knows any elegant solution.

Yves Alarie

Most digital cameras have this option built-in.
Look at your camera manual for the feature to add the date/time stamp
directly on your picture.


Unfortunately Olympus is NOT one of them.

I too am looking for an easy solution to add a date stamp
to pictures

Michael Leon [MSFT]

Its up to the manufacturer and the firmware on the camera device to supply
this. Check your manuals. (And keep in mind this should be one of your
priorities when purchasing a new digital camera in the future.)

Michael Leon
Microsoft Printing, Imaging and Fax Team

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John Inzer

I too am looking for an easy solution to add
a date stamp to pictures
I guess you open your images in an editing
program? Possibly you could create a text
box with the current date and copy it to your
clip board (Ctrl / C) then as you move to each
subsequent simply Paste (Ctrl / V)
the text box on each one.


John Inzer
Picture It! MVP
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Yves Alarie

Make a new folder, call it Irfanview.
Go to this site and download the free software in this new folder;
Open the new folder, double click on the file to install it.
Open Irfanview, open your picture in it.
Click with your mouse on the right bottom side of the picture and drag it to
make a rectangle to insert text in it. Once the rectangle is made, click on
Edit and Insert text. A window will open giving choices, select the font,
size and color and it will also read the Exif file automatically to enter
the date and time of the photo.

Don't do this on an original file. Once done, you can't erase it (you can
undo if not satisfied, but once you save this is it). To practice, make a
copy of your original file, and work on it until you know what you are

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