Date in data is changing to Jan in chart Excel 07



I have a row of dates: Dec-96, Dec-97, Dec 98, and so on up to Dec-08. The
date in the first cell is typed in as 12/15/96, but formatted to show Dec-96.
The rest of the cells are a foumula: =cell+365, the cell value is relative.
When we create a chart, they become Jan. I tried changing the first
underlying date to 12/1/96, which worked sometimes but not everytime I
created a chart, and it didn't work for the end user at all. I've never run
into this before. We have recently migrated to Office 07.



Jon Peltier

If the values are not recognized as dates, or if the chart doesn't know the
dates should be used as X values, then you might be looking at how counting
numbers (1, 2, 3, etc.) look in date format. 1 = 1 Jan 1900, 2 = 2 Jan 1900,

- Jon



Shane Devenshire


try this, suppose your first date is in A1 then in A2 enter the following


This will return the same date a year (12 months) into the future.

I don't see what adding 365 or better yet 365.25 doesn't work but...

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