date formula issues?!?!



I have a series of dates going from C3 to DB3 in the form "WE mm/dd/yy". Say
my last date is WE 08/08/09. I want to have cell DC3 to equal "08/15/09" as
well as the next twelve cells to be subsequent weeks. I would like a formula
that updates automatically as I refresh my data (so next week when DB3 equals
"WE 08/15/09" DC3 will automattically update itself to eqaul "WE 08/22/09").
Is there a formula that could do this. Something like telling Excel to look
at my entry as a date and add 7 days to it or something?

Thanks for your help.


Nevermind, I got it!

In C15 "="WE "&TEXT((RIGHT(DB3,8)+7),"mm/dd/yy")"
and in D15 "="WE "&TEXT((RIGHT(C15,8)+7),"mm/dd/yy")"

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