Date formatting



I've downloaded data from another site. Downloading into excel was an option,
which I did.

The data contains columns of dates. I've formatted the data to Date
(*3/14/2001). When doing that, excel is suppose to align the dates Right
Justified, yet in my case the dates are still aligned Left Justified. The
real problem is that other formulas do not actually recgonize this dates
unless they are Right Justified.

Here's the strange thing... all I have to do is click within the cell, then
hit enter, and the date will appear as Right Justified, and the other
formulas suddenly recognize the date within that cell. I dont' have time to
do this with thousands of cells of data.

Anyone know what to do to fix the formatting?? I and many other are at a loss.



Gord Dibben

Format all to General.

Copy an empty cell.

Select the range of "Dates" and Edit>Paste Special(in place)>Add>OK>Esc

Should be good to go.

The above steps are same as F2 and ENTER without going to each cell.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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