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How can I make a date calc based on the users input?

For example:
If the user enters 11/01/09 on the end EndDate the BeginDate would be
10/31/08. If the user enters 11/30/09 on the EndDate the BeginDate would be

I currently have the following formula but its not working properly b/c of
the example provided above. It always captures 11/01/08.


Any help would be good :)



Jeff Boyce

You posted in a newsgroup supporting MS Access and forms. Is that where you
are trying to do this?

Are your controls ([EndDate], [BeginDate]) unbound or bound to some
underlying table?

Where do you have that formula?

How does Access know it's supposed to do (?re-do) the calculation?

More info, please...


Jeff Boyce
Microsoft Access MVP

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I don't have a grasp of your business rules.

Why does 11/01/09 get 10/31/08 (one year and one day prior), but 11/30/09
gets 11/01/08, on year and 29 days prior.

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