Date conversion, hijri date



Hi all,

I'm New to VB/Access and have a request to helping me read
about dates setting and conversion and function

Breifly I need to have a form dealing with a table where I
save date columns in both Gregorian and Hijri dates (one
input, the second is calculated, the input could be either
of both) and make some calculations (let's say the age is
calculated out of Date Of Birth at a specific date e.g.
today's date)

say the table/form have
Gdob (Gregorian date of birth)
Hdob (Hijri date of birth)
in parallel I will store the long date as text

Where can I find examples using date conversion also what
are the limitations and how system date settings will
conflict with Access settings for the calculation (when
calculating age I will calculate the gregorian age i.e.
365 days per year).

Can anyone provide me with a good and simple reference?

Thanks a lot,
Aug 11, 2022
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معادلة في حقل محسوب تقوم بتحويل التاريخ من الميلادي إلى الهجري في جدول د Access

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