DataRelation and DataGridView




i have some DataGridView which is bound to some BindingSource.
The date consists of customerdata. Every customer has some status
saved in one field id_status in the customer table.

I'd like to use the databinding for the grid and display just a subset
of the Customer data in the grid (name/forename). Till now i do hide
the cols not needed by myself (ColHidden)

I also like to show the status of the customer in the grid as a Text.
The data comes from a lookup table (statuses) Therefore i build up a
dataset which holds both tables and also created a relation inside the

My question: How can i build this relation to eg. a combobox inside
the grid, or at least display the text of the related status and not
the id_status?
Can i use some DataView therefore?

PS: The data is not editable in the grid, but with some textboxes and
combos beside the grid. Databinding for the combobox/textboxes there
works ok.

_thanks in advance



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