Datalist with Crystal Reports report



How using a existing Datalist on a new Crystal Reports report ?
Today, I create my excel file by sendind a datalist to Response.write().
I want replace the Response.write() method by a Crystal Reports report
creation because response.write() is a bad way with atlas.
But unfortunality, i am not able to send the datalist to the report.
Any Ideas ?

Steven Cheng[MSFT]

Hi Michel,

Thank you for posting.

As for the Crystal Report, I think it can only utilize certain kind of
datasource object to populate the data, while the DataList control in
ASP.NET is just a webcontrol which produce HTML output, so I don't think
this could be directly used as the datasource for Crystal report. Also,
for decent crystal report specific development issue, we would suggest you
try posting in the crystal report support center for further assistance:

#How to get help with Crystal Reports - International and U.S.

Thank your for the understanding.


Steven Cheng
Microsoft Online Community Support


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