Database Creation Failed Error in BCM



I just reinstalled Office 2003 with Outlook 2003 and BCM but get a "Database
Creation Failed" error which I never had the first time I installed it. I
have looked all over the Net trying to find a solution but no luck. I see
others have had a similar problem but no one seems to post an actual solution
it. I could really use some pointers on this. Help...



Bob Cooley [MSFT]

Would you happen to have a special character in your Windows login profile,
such as an apostrophe? This is a known issue... If so, then unfortunately
the only current solution is to create another Windows user profile and use
something like the File and Settings Transfer Wizard to move everything to
the new profile.

Also, check to see if you have Administrator-level rights in Windows. This
is sometimes caused by inadequate permissions, and adding your Windows
profile to the local Administrators group usually resolves this issue...


Bob Cooley, [MSFT]

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