DataAdapter Config Wizard misery


Jason Shohet

We tried using that Config Wizard, but when a query changes, all the update
logic goes haywire. So we went back to manually doing things:

1. We have no datasets dragged-and-dropped in Visual Studio. They are all
defined in the code, generated at runtime.
2. when a user updates or hits a 'delete' button next to a row in a
datagrid, we call a webservice. In there, we coded insert, update & delete

I am looking for a way to have .NET generate its own update / delete /
insert statements. BUT, I don't want to use that DataAdapter Configuration
Wizard because if we change around a field in the db, everything breaks and
there's too much going on under the hood to fix it. If a query changes in
our dataset, I would like the update logic to automatically change as well.
I've been looking at CommandBuilder -- is this something good to use? In
order to use it, do I need to define the dataset at Design Time (visually
drag it on to the web service etc) ?

Any other suggestions would be appreciated
Jason Shohet


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