when my pc boots up i get a message data1.dat file not
found from the wupdater window.
how do i restore this file so I will not get this error
message off?
i was trying to uninstall kazaa and it wouldn't clear
everything off from my add/remove menu so i tried
deleting anything related to kazaa and the p2pnetworking
next time i booted up i got the dat1.dat link not found


Gene K

If this is a legitimate Windows XP operating system file [I did not check
before writing this], get out your Windows XP CD and keep it handy. Then run
the System File Check Tool. To do this: Start/Run/type in "cmd" (less
quotes), and click OK. When the Command Prompt Window opens, type "sfc
/scannow" (less quotes and be sure there is a space between sfc and the
forward slash). This will run the Tool which checks for necessary operating
files and will restore/repair any missing or corrupted utilizing your CD.

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