Data input



I'm working on my first table. I'm a raw rookie.

I'm trying to define a field which would

have up to 6 alpha numeric characters (no special characters), and
would right align at input, even if left aligned as entered, and
and would allow no embedded spaces (leading spaces are okay).

How can I set up an input mask or otherwise do this?



This is copied from the F1 help

0 Digit (0 through 9, entry required; plus [+] and minus [-] signs not
9 Digit or space (entry not required; plus and minus signs not allowed).
# Digit or space (entry not required; blank positions converted to spaces,
plus and minus signs allowed).
L Letter (A through Z, entry required).
? Letter (A through Z, entry optional).
A Letter or digit (entry required).
a Letter or digit (entry optional).
& Any character or a space (entry required).
C Any character or a space (entry optional).
.. , : ; - / Decimal placeholder and thousands, date, and time separators.
(The actual character used depends on the regional settings specified in
Microsoft Windows Control Panel.)
< Causes all characters that follow to be converted to lowercase.
Causes all characters that follow to be converted to uppercase.
! Causes the input mask to display from right to left, rather than from left
to right. Characters typed into the mask always fill it from left to right.
You can include the exclamation point anywhere in the input mask.
\ Causes the character that follows to be displayed as a literal character.
Used to display any of the characters listed in this table as literal
characters (for example, \A is displayed as just A).
Password Setting the InputMask property to the word Password creates a
password entry text box. Any character typed in the text box is stored as the
character but is displayed as an asterisk (*).



To go along with the already stated information, click on Input Mask, and
then at the botton of the Input Mask Form, click the * (add new mask)
button. It will run you through a type of Wizard to set up a new mask. if
you want the ability to have 6 Alpha Numeric characters, input:

!CCCCCC This will allow for any characters including spaces.
(This "!" makes it right justified)

!&&&&&& This allows the same as above, but Entry is Required

I hope this helps.

-Scott Channell

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