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I have a large spreadsheet that has data filters set up and is shared by
several people. The filter arrow shows up on a different column that the one
you are filtering on. Why does this happen? Also when I unfilter the
columns, they will all unfilter except 4 columns and I cannot get the filters
off those columns. Need help

Earl Kiosterud


That just sounds wrong. I presume you're using Autofilter. It should put arrows at the top
of the columns of the table you're trying to filter. And when you deselect Autofilter, the
dropdowns should all go away. Period. Could there be some merged cells goofing things up?
I don't know about Autofilter with merged cells, but cell merging has more problems than
it's worth, and most seasoned Excel people don't use them. That's how they got seasoned, I

Also, it might be a problem relating to workbook sharing -- there are some issues there,
I've heard. Search the knowlede base at

Or, the workbook may just be damaged. Try the Open and Repair option in the File - Open
dialog, Open button dropdown. Try opening and saving it with Open Office -- it's definitely
been able to fix stuff. (free, but a large download).
Earl Kiosterud

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